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50 Parent Commandments is a must have book by childcare expert, Tosi Ufodike. Parents all over the world struggle with how to hire and retain good nannies to look after their children. In this book she offers simple, yet effective advice on Hiring a Good Nanny.


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50 Parent Commandments answers many questions:

  • Should you offer your nanny a bonus?
  • What should you do if the nanny is a flirt?
  • Should you allow the nanny to spank your child?
  • How much should you pay a nanny?
  • Nanny Cams…should you have one?

Tosi Ufodike relied on numerous parent and nanny interviews to write this book. 50 Parent Commandments is the only book that gives parent tested advice that is not based on theory but practical experience. With humor, insight, and proven experience, Tosi Ufodike breaks down the daunting task of hiring a good nanny.

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