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Looks Do Matter...

Looks Do Matter…
Hi, It’s Tosi here,
This post is for babysitters and nannies.  Here it goes…..Yes, Looks Do Matter. I don’t know any other way to put it, then to tell it like it is. I hear it all the time, Amaka interviewed very well but her hair was extremely messy or her outfit was not ironed, etc. It is very important when you are meeting a family for the first time, to treat it like a professional interview. Get your hair done, nails done….you know the rest. I cover professional looks extensively in the MGN Free Nanny Training that is required for all our babysitters and nannies before they meet with a prospective parent.
Most parents want someone who looks neat and clean to take care of their children. If you arrive to the interview looking half frazzled…then don’t cry when you don’t get the job. So you might ask…in this day and age what is Professional attire for a nanny? I am so glad you asked, really I am. As a professional babysitter or nanny, you should not have to dress to impress, this blog is not about making you break the bank.  No need to wear any of my friends, Gucci, Prada, or Louis Vuitton!!!  My goal is to make your aware that as a care provider, you have to think of all aspects of your job and dress accordingly.
The interview:  In my humble opinion, a nice, clean casual outfit is best.  For example, an ironed black shirt and nice long skirt or pants/khakis. NO HIGH HEELS please.  Also, please stay away from shirts with plunging necklines, short shirts, tight fitting clothes. Also, do not use heavy makeup and/or strong perfumes. These make a huge impression on Moms, who are usually the ones making the hiring decisions.   Hair should be neat and nails properly manicured with no polish.   I like the neat and casual look best because it goes with the casual nature of the job. Nannies always ask me if they can wear their traditional or native attire from their home country to the interview? My answer is always Yes, as long as you leave the tightly fitted outfits at home.
For more information on attire for the workday, special occasions, etc. Please signup for our monthly FREE nanny training. Classes are limited to 30 participants and fill up quickly. For more information email us at
Thank you for visiting My Good Nanny and please let us know how we can help you.
In Christ,

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