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Is there a fee to register with My Good Nanny?
No. We do not charge our applicants any fees for our service. Please complete our online caregiver application and we will be in contact with you to discuss your application.  Please make sure your include a recent photo.
How long does the process take?
This varies for each individual caregiver. My Good Nanny will continue to submit your application to families until you have found the appropriate match. We are available for any questions you would have about the families.
Do I need to have a car?
That depends on the families needs and your current situation. A lot of our families provide you with a working car or do not need you to drive. If you are driving their children around you need to ask for insurance coverage.
How many hours a week can I expect to work?
Work hours are to average 8-10 hours per day for full-time with 2 days off per week. Part-time hours are to average 5-25 hours per week.
Temporary hours will vary depending on the families needs.
What should I expect as a salary?
Weekly salaries range from $250 to $1000+, depending upon your experience, education background, salary history, location, and duties you will be expected to perform in the position.
If I’m a nanny looking to move to another city can you work to place me in a local family’s home?
Yes. Our network of families spans the country. If you’re interested in working with a family outside of the Atlanta area, My Good Nanny Agency will work to find the best match for you.
What types of duties are nannies expected to perform?
It can depend upon the family and on what is agreed upon between the nanny and family. General responsibilities include the children’s laundry, cleaning of the children’s areas and kitchen after meals, grocery shopping, errands, and meal preparation for the children. Some families require extra duties such as family meal preparation and family laundry.
I haven’t worked as a nanny before but have raised my own children. Can your agency represent me?
YES! We feel that mothers work out best as nannies. We prefer for your children not to be toddlers as most families do not want your children in their home when you care for their children.
Will you check my background?
We strongly suggest all families to run background checks on any applicants they hire. We will ask for your references, driving history and criminal history check. Most families require a relatively clean HISTORY, so please be honest and let us know if your record is not clear.
Will I sign a contract with your agency?
No. You and your family will need to create a personal work agreement that covers job responsibilities, hours, salary, and many other topics of importance to ensure that the family/nanny working relationship is positive and productive for the long term. This topic is covered extensively in our FREE caregiver training.
Do you still have questions?
Please make sure you signup for our FREE caregiver training. Please call us at 1-866-950-2495 or email us at

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