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My Good Nanny Placement & Fees

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service.  We are a premier brand and we do not negotiate on price.  By joining our mailing list, our clients receive parenting and childcare information.  Clients may choose one of two search options.  Once we receive the FREE, completed family application and have assessed that we have appropriate information, we require payment to initiate the search for a nanny, elderlycare, and/or babysitter. When you select and hire a candidate to fill your childcare position, you (the employer) will negotiate the nanny’s salary directly with the candidate; unless you are a premium client. The average salary range for live-out nannies is $15-25 per hour (gross) depending on experience, education, and what the job entails.
My Good Nanny does not charge a placement or registration fee.  If, for any reason, the family is not satisfactory and the nanny is terminated within the first 30 days of the nanny’s employment, and you are not enrolled in our VIP Program, you will only pay $250 for a new search.
We do not negotiate on price.


  • Premium Services $1,900.00.
  • Standard Services $1,500.00.
  • Nanny Asap *Add-on to Standard or Premium Service $500.00.
  • Babysitter Services $200.00.

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  • Premium Services. The Fee is $1,900.00.  This search option is a traditional contingent search.  Clients are not obligated to pay the full amount until they have selected a candidate and the candidate starts work.  Clients choosing this option are required to pay a 50% deposit and are enrolled in a two month unconditional replacement guarantee. The fee is $1,900. It includes:
    • Dedicated Family Placement Director
    • Professional Nanny Screening
    • Expert Consultation & Advice
    • Professional Salary Advice
    • Ongoing Feedback Sessions
    • Comprehensive Background Check
    • Creation and Review of Nanny Work Agreement
    • My Good Nanny Training
    • Performance Reviews
    • Reference Check Validation
    • Eligible for VIP Membership


  • Standard Services. The Fee is $1,500.00. The search option is for clients who have more time to conduct interviews and negotiations.  Clients choosing this option must agree to pay a the full search fee at the onset of the search in return for preferential pricing on both the current and future retained searches.  50% downpayment is required for service to begin.  It includes:
    • Dedicated Family Placement Director
    • Initial Family Consultation
    • Professional Nanny Screening
    • Ongoing Feedback Sessions
    • Nanny Work Agreement
    • Basic Background Check
    • Reference Check Validation
    • Eligible for VIP Membership


  • Nanny ASAP Services. The Fee is $500.00.  We know life happens and we are always ready to help.  My Good Nanny will secure an experienced child care provider for your family within 24-48 hours. This fee must be paid in full along with the standard or premium placement fee.
  • Babysitting ServicesThe fee is $200.00. We will find you the best babysitter for your needs. This fee must be paid in full for service to begin.


 Additional fees apply for certain remote locations and international placements. Please contact us for more information and to request a full fee schedule.


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