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7 Tips for Working for Divorced Parents

Hi It’s Mariah,

We all want to believe that marriage is forever, but with 6,646 divorces per day in the United States, half of all American children are part of divorced families, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With statistics like this, it’s likely that (sooner or later) nannies and babysitters will work for a divorced family.

Here are seven tips for working for divorced parents.

1. Stay neutral. You’re on the child’s side. Taking sides won’t help the child, and you should have their best interests in mind always.

2. Communicate! Know where both parents stand, and make sure the three of you are in communication about schedules, pick up times, etc. This will make things easier for everyone.

3. Be flexible. This is a hard time for everyone involved. The parents are figuring out how to handle everything as well as the children and you, so give everyone time to figure out how this will work.

4. Help the kids understand this change by reassuring them that they are loved. If there is a last minute schedule change, let the children know their parent loves them and just can’t make it at that moment.

5. Maintain two separate households. The kids should feel at home with both parents. It will be easier for them and for you if they have clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, medications, food, etc. in both homes.

6. Clearly define your role in either home. It may even be helpful to create a new work agreement.

7. Stability is key! Try as hard as you can to maintain a schedule for the kids. They need to feel safe and secure through the divorce.

Are you a nanny or babysitter for a divorced family? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

About Mariah: Mariah Goolsby is a graduate of the University of California: Santa Barbara. She received her degree as an Honors student double majoring in Communication, BA and Theater, Acting BFA and has earned multiple awards and recognitions.  Mariah currently works as a Social Media Assistant for My Good Nanny.

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