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It Takes a Village
Hi It’s Tosi here! I love this time of year. Next week Thursday, families all across America will celebrate Thanksgiving.  I love spending time with family and friends reflecting on the year and giving Thanks to God.
Last Saturday, I went skating with my girls. They are learning how to skate. It is not an easy task. However, I keep assuring them that with hard work and plenty of practice, they will master the art of skating.  I love seeing them taking small steps, falling and getting back up again. Skating is not an easy sport to learn, it takes proper balance and the right amount of support to become a good skater. Normally when we go skating it is pretty quiet, with few skaters at the rink. This was not the case on Saturday! The skating rink was super packed with many kids and adults. The music was loud and we made our way to the middle of the rink, heading to perform our normal skating practice routine.  As we made our way towards the back of the rink, I noticed this little girl trying her best to stand up with her skates, but with no support, she kept falling down. At first, I ignored it, my hands were full with my two children and I was trying to focus on making sure they were learning. Then, I saw the little girl fall again and start crying, that is when I decided to step in and help her. I walked over nicely and asked if she needed help and would like to join us practicing going around the rink. I looked around to see if I could spot a parent, when I noticed an older woman motioning for her to go ahead and join us.  The little girl smiled and joined me and my girls as we all held hands for support making our way around the skating rink. We fell together and supported each other up until each of the girls eventually made their way around the rink with little or no support. They were skating on their own and I was very proud.  In Africa, there is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a working Mom, I know I cannot be with my children 24/7 but my prayer is that family, teachers, friends, nannies and even other Moms and/or Dads will step in and help as appropriate. We live in a world where we don’t want to offend anyone and we often hear that it is better to mind one’s own business, so we walk on eggshells afraid to help children in need. I challenge you to always think twice and remember when you help a child, you help a nation and that is definitely something to be Thankful for….
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About Tosi:  Tosi Ufodike is the Founder of My Good Nanny, the leading Christian nanny agency for cultural nannies, babysitters, and elderly care providers.  Connect with her on twitter: @mrsufodike.

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