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Popular Diverse Baby Names…

Hi It’s Tosi here,


I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. I love Thanksgiving because it is not so much about the gifts and more about catching up with friends and family and enjoying good food! During this time, I had the pleasure of catching up with many mommy friends who are pregnant with their second, fourth, and sixth child. Yes you read it right, sixth child!! I am super busy with two, but hey all children are blessings from God so I am thrilled for each of them.  The one thing that was consistent in all my mommy chats was the importance of selecting the “perfect” name for their child. Some of my friends wanted more traditional names full of meaning and substance and others wanted easy to pronounce common names—No Ekwutosi for them 🙂

In many diverse cultures around the world, children are often named after the circumstances in which they were born, as a honor to God, or as a reflection of the wealth they bring to their family. I thought it would be neat to honor that tradition by creating a list of my favorite diverse popular names with their meanings. Check it out, you may find a name you like, I won’t charge you!

Here are my top 5 girl names… 1. Chizara – God answered 2. Emma – entire, universal

3. Abiona – born on a journey 4. Sofia – wisdom 5. Tai – prosperous & talented

Here are my top 5 boy names… 1. Bayani – hero 2. Isamu – courageous, warrior 3. Munachi – me and my God 4. Ade – Royal 5. Kayin – Celebrated, long hoped for child.

Please leave a comment as I would love to hear how you selected your baby’s name? Did your baby’s name make my list?

In Christ,

Mrs. Ufodike



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