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Tips for Keeping a Nanny Job…

Hi It’s Tosi here,

One of the most interesting questions I often hear from nannies/babysitters involves how they can keep their job, especially if they are getting paid well and have a great family. Learning how to stand the test of time, as they say in the corporate world, requires some of the most basic but strategic tactics  that can be applied to any nanny/babysitter job situation.

Here are some tips for staying employed:

1. Do your job well – No secret here. Your biggest leverage with any family that hires you is to make yourself so good that they not only notice you but visulize what life would be like without you in their home. Perform your job impeccably, treat the kids like gold, and that will speak volumes to maintaining a lasting working relationship.

2. Pitch in. Mom comes home from a long day at work, or a father comes home from a traveling work week, you are wrapping up for the day but notice there is still work to be done and the kids are wide awake. Staying an extra 30 mins once in a while by offering to help an overwhelmed parent earns you major family points! Do it quietly – there is no need to say, I worked my 40 hours and then stayed 2 more to help you do the laundry–where is my raise? In fact, do the work, pitch in when needed and watch your job security rise.

3. Put it in Writing. Keep a log of all the wonderful things you did with the children, the family, and around the house. When it is time to talk salary raise or bonus, you will be able to mention specific moments where you pinched in and tie each moment to something love about the job. Even more important than what you did, is how you helped their child by doing what you did.  Did you take them to the playground and keep them active during the summer? Did you teach them a second language? Did you help them learn to ride their bike? ….Beyond self-promotion, it shows that you care about the family. Every parent cherishes the nanny who not only looks after their child well but also really cares about the family.

Check out more tips in my best selling book, 50 Parent Commandments.
I would love to hear some of your tips for nannies as well, please share by leaving a comment below.


Tosi Ufodike

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