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10 Holiday Nanny Gifts That Don’t Cost A Thing

Hi It’s Tosi here,

I hope everyone is taking time out to spend time with family and friends.  I can’t believe Christmas is in four days. During this time I want to remind everyone to make sure they show appreciation for their nannies and babysitters.

I know times are hard and everyone wants to save money here and there; so I came up with a list of wonderful things you can do to show appreciation for the people that are closest to you and your children- Your Nanny!

Here is my top 1o Holiday gifts that don’t cost a dime but could advance your parenting-nanny relationships either near term or over time.

1.  Say “thank you.” I discuss this in my book, 50 Parent Commandments, saying thank you really makes the nanny/babysitter feel appreciated and validated.  Say thank you often and also encourage your children to thank your childcare providers. No matter how busy you are as a parent, always take the time to say thank you. This small gesture encourages the nanny to continue to provide good work for you now and in the future.

2. Give out compliments. Who doesn’t like compliments?  Make sure you acknowledge your nanny publicly, let her know she is doing a great job. It does not take anything away from you as a parent, to shout from the roof tops that your nanny is GREAT with your kids. When you compliment your nanny, you build rapport and create meaningful connections.

3. Celebrate successes. Your nanny’s son just graduated college, your babysitter’s sister is getting married..make sure you celebrate these huge successes with your childcare provider.  Make her feel special by showing interest in her life and family successes, everyone loves to feel important.

4. Homemade Desserts.  There is something special about cake and ice cream. Can you spell…Red Velet!! Seriously, get the kids together and make your nanny or babysitter’s favorite dessert.  Take the time to find out her favorite treat and surprise her with it during the holidays.

5. Beautiful Card. Grab the crayons and paper and sprinkle some glitter and give your nanny/babysitter a wonderful Christmas card. Please make sure you get the kids involved. Have every member of the family sign it and present it to her for Christmas. If you can add some nice pictures of her and the kids that would be most memorable.

6. Time Off. We know the holidays are such a busy time for most families. The kids are out of school and there is so much cooking and shopping to do. Please remember your nanny/babysitter has a family too and would probably like to spend time with them as well. Give her a week or at least a couple of days off with pay to enjoy the holidays with her loved ones.

7. Favorite Meal. Who doesn’t love a good home cooked meal? Enough said. You probably already have all the ingredients necessary to make her favorite meal. Again, this is really nice when the kids get involved.

8. Shopping Day. You know your nanny loves certain outfits and jewelry.  However, she never has the time to shop for herself or her family. Pick a day and time and schedule a shopping day. Inform her she can take time off to do all her shopping with pay.

9. Be respectful. Showing respect for others is a great gift. When people feel respected, they become engaged, open and receptive to what we have to say, rather than getting defensive. And chances are the respect will be mutual.

10.  Pay attention. This gift is very important. Listen to your nanny/babysitter. If they tell you they are tired, lonely, missing home, want more pay, etc. Listen to what they have to say. It is a real gift to focus on exactly what your nanny needs and wants.  Listen and if appropriate, adjust accordingly; that alone is a valuable gift in itself.

You can find more exciting tips in my book, 50 Parent Commandments on Amazon. Please LIKE 50 Parent Commandments on Amazon and get a copy for yourself or a friend.

Please leave a comment sharing some of your favorite gifts that don’t cost a thing.

Happy Holidays,

Tosi Ufodike


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