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6 Tips for Hiring Summer Care…

Hi It’s Tosi here,

Wow. Where did spring go? It is almost summer and if you are like me, you are probably planning what to do to keep the kids busy this summer. One of the options most parents consider is hiring a summer nanny or babysitter. While this is a great option, there are some lessons learned that I want to share with you to make the most of your summer hiring experience.

Here are 6 Tips For Hiring Summer Care:

1. Find a babysitter or nanny that has similar interests to your child. Does your child love to swim? play soccer? want to learn spanish? Create a list of your child’s interests and what you will be flexible on when it comes to hiring a nanny or babysitter.
2. When hiring summer care, it is very important to make sure that you discuss your schedule and your child’s schedule with whomever you hire. Whether you are a working Mom or a stay at home mom, it is crucial to develop a summer schedule and communicate that to the nanny or babysitter. Will they need to drive to pick up the kids? Run errands? Creating a summer schedule is crucial.
3. If you prefer to hire highschool or college students, please make sure they have the basic babysitting knowledge and training, My Good Nanny offers a popular babysitting course, that is only $40.00 and comes with a really cool certificate.
4. Discuss your child’s medical needs and allergies. Whenever you hire a new babysitter or nanny you need to verbally express your child’s medical needs and allergies. Then follow up with a written document containing this information posted in a highly visible place such as the refrigerator.
5. Discuss compensation and make sure both parties agree with the timing and amount of payment.
6. Specify your expectations regarding behavior verbally and in writing. Can she use her cell phone? Can she have friends over? Can she eat your food? Be clear in your expectations and avoid unpleasant summer conflicts.

Summer is always a mixed blessing. When you hire summer care, it can be a great relief for you as a parent, but you will need to make sure your nanny or babysitter fully understands the goal: to keep your kids learning and fully engaged during the summer!

Do you have other summer hiring tips? I would love to hear from you…please leave a comment below.


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