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National Missing Children’s Day
Hi It’s Tosi here,
As a parent, the most important priority I have is keeping my girls safe and busy this summer. Parents are their children’s first line of defense against all attacks. Take 25 is a safety program that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children started in honor of National Missing Children’s Day on May 25th.   Since 1983, our nation has observed May 25th as National Missing Children’s Day. First proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan and observed by every administration since, May 25th is the anniversary of the day in 1979 when 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared from a New York street corner on his way to school.  The momentum that began with the disappearance of Etan, Adam, and the 29 missing and murdered children of Atlanta led to photographs of missing children on milk cartons and, ultimately, a nationwide movement.
Take 25 encourage parents,guardians, law enforcement officials, educators, grandparents, etc., to take 25 minutes to talk with their kids about safety. With a focus on prevention, Take 25 provides communities with free safety resources including safety tips, conversation starters, and engaging activities. Take 25’s resources are available free of charge and can be found at local Take 25 events.
As summer has officially begun, parents often look for summer activities that will keep their young ones busy; however, we should also arm our kids with information that will keep them safe. Childhood summers are full of great adventure and fun times, however potential risks still exist. I encourage parents to visit the safety tips on the take 25 page, they list simple and easy tips for home, internet, school, and out and about.
The U.S. Department of Justice reports:
  • Nearly 800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year, or an average of 2,185 children reported missing each day.
  • More than 200,000 children were were abducted by family members.
  • More than 58,000 children were abducted by nonfamily members.
  • 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. These crimes involve someone the child does not know or a slight acquaintance who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.
We all know it is impossible to be with our kids every minute of the day, however we can discuss the importance of  knowing their name, address, phone numbers, strangers, and how to dial 911. Also as parents, we always need to have current high quality photographs of our children and chose babysitters and/or nannies very carefully. It is imperative that you use a qualified agency for your caregiver search and obtain references.
 If you child goes missing, call your local police department right away. Police are required by law to immediately take a missing child report and then promptly enter that report into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. After you have contacted local authorities, contact NCMEC at 1.800.THE.LOST(1.800.843.5678) or online at
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