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Protect Your Kids: Sex Offender Map

Hi It’s Tosi here,

If you are like me, you are a busy Mom getting the kids ready for another school year!  As school supplies and errands flood my mind, (thank God it is tax free week in GA), I think about the thousands of kids that are victims of sexual abuse and pray for them daily. We live in a world, where we have to be vigilent about protecting our kids from sexual predators, that is why the Sex Offender Map is a great resource for families.

Did you know? Stats from the U.S. Department of Justice:

1.  70% of sex offenders commit a 2nd crime

































2. 19% of rapists get re-convicted

































3. A Child is sexually abused every 2 mins

The Sex Offender Map is a free resource that helps families locate sexual offenders in their area, city or state. They have  partenered with AlertID, a free tool that can show you the exact location, name, photo and other valuable details of all sex offenders living in your neighborhood, anywhere in the United States. Also, you get a notification/alert whenever there is a threat to your neighborhood’s safety.

All of the information is FREE, so check out your neighborhood NOW!





















































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