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Raising Bilingual Children

Raising Bilingual Children
Hi, It’s Tosi here…
During my college years, I had the opportunity to study abroad. I was very excited to head to the University of Plymouth near London, England. The University is actually located in Plymouth, which is a couple of hours away from London and I was thrilled as I had tons of family that I would connect with.  I was young, broke, and excited to head across the pond. The time that I spent abroad really made an impact on who I am today. I met some really great people and came to realize that British education is very tough, but I made it through with very good marks!!
Anyway, back to the point of the story…While in the dormitory on the weekends, I would visit my friends and hang out on campus and what I realized was everybody spoke not one, two, but sometimes three and four different languages. I was so impressed. How did they do it? Did their parents speak to them at all times? The answers really surprised me. It was someone other than their parents who helped them learn another language. It was either a grandparent, nanny, or just being in the environment.  Of course having a bilingual parent helps, let us not fool ourselves here but it is not the end if you are not bilingual.  The key was being submerged in the other language at home.
I always knew when I had children, that I wanted them to be bilingual.  What I love about My Good Nanny was that it allowed me to hire a nanny that was Igbo. I am half Nigerian, married to an Igbo man and it was very important for me to have my children speak Igbo or at least understand it 🙂 My oldest daughter, Zina understand Igbo fluently and my youngest is really picking up. Everywhere I go, people are really impressed that two girls raised in Atlanta, Georgia understand Igbo. I really should applaud my Husband, because he speaks Igbo to his girls at all times.  If you want your child to speak another language, there is no better way for them to learn, than to have a nanny in the home speaking to your children 24/7. Bilingual nannies offer your child  the gift of a second language, a proven advantage in school and in life.  The benefits to hiring a bilingual nanny are numerous. Children growing up bilingual or even multilingual are imbued with a special gift and with added advantages in this most complex global world. Prepare your children for the future, hire a bilingual nanny.
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French:  Merci de visiter Mon Bon Nounou. Permettez-nous s’il vous plaît de savoir comment nous pouvons vous aider.
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In Christ,

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