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What to do with your kids’ used clothing…

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“What do I do with all these clothes the kids have outgrown?” asked every mom ever! Kids grow FAST! We all know that! And that means they outgrow their clothes faster than you can keep up sometimes!


No one wants those clothes to go to waste (or all that money)! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to sell your pre-loved kids clothing to other moms whose kids are outgrowing their old clothes too? Sweet Sprouts is just that. It’s a fast, easy way to sell your kids clothes online as well as shop for other high-end, pre-loved kids clothing!


Sweet Sprouts was started by two moms, and they’ve made it very easy to use! We all know how busy being a mom is, so anything to make our lives go more swiftly and smoothly is greatly appreciated!


Sweet Sprouts has also grown to include lightly used adult clothing as well! So all those clothes you have in your closet that you never wear can turn into extra income rather than taking up extra space in your closet!


As if you needed any more incentive to check out Sweet Sprouts, they also have fundraising options through the site! If your kids’ soccer team is trying to buy new equipment, but needs some extra financial help do it, Sweet Sprouts can help you run a clothing drive to earn the extra money. You can also donate your earnings to charity! They have multiple ways to help your family, your community, and other families in need!


You can check out Sweet Sprouts at to find out more and to start selling!

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