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World’s Best Dad…

Hi It’s Tosi here,

Everytime I think of Father’s day, I think of the one man who really touched my life in so many ways; My Father. While he has gone to be with God, I often remember the words of wisdom that he imparted on my life and my soul. And how badly I wanted him to be the World’s Best Dad.

The one relationship I wish every child could experience, is a relationship with the World’s Best Dad. What qualities would he possess to have such a grand title?  My relationship with my Father was filled with moments of love and moments of space.  However, looking back on our relationship, I do believe he possessed some of the qualities to be in the running for the World’s Best Dad.

Here are some characteristics of the World’s Best Dad…

1. He loves you conditionally.

2. He tells you how smart and beautiful or handsome you are.

3. He fails.

4. He protects you at all costs.

5. He loves God.

6. He does not have to be a biological/blood relationship.

7. He spends quality time with you.

8. He respects and loves your Mother.

9. He is kind and gentle at the right times.

10. He is real. He is not perfect.

This Sunday…shower your Dad with love.  Like good mothers, a good Father can change your life and give you the needed self esteem it takes to make it in this tough world.

May God Bless all good Dads! I would love to read some of your comments! Please share below.



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