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Why My Good Nanny

The stresses of parenting and managing a household are greatly relieved by the addition of a babysitter or nanny – a good caregiver, who helps share the workload of childcare and household chores, which helps restore an element of peace back into the family’s otherwise hectic life. Through My Good Nanny we aim to provide you with a service that is so intuitive and easy to use that you are able to make an informed and wise decision.
My Good Nanny is guided by God and several strong ethical principles:
  • Always support our clients and our applicants
  • Prompt courteous and efficient service
  • Total confidentiality during a search
  • Insure data privacy with regards to gathered information
  • Negotiations are conducted with full transparency on all sides
  • Maintain the highest standards in Client and Applicant care
  • Operate with the highest forms of integrity
Our detailed screening process is best in class, encompassing an in-person interview, extensive reference checking, thorough background checks and above all, the ability to listen to a client’s particular needs and match the most appropriate candidates to those needs. We pride ourselves on never wasting a client’s precious time. We identify and secure the finest candidates available for the most esteemed homes in the country.
Thank you for visiting My Good Nanny.  God Bless You.

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